The top 10 mistakes businesses make on Instagram

Brett NovakJuly 20, 2019
  • 1. Not using any (relevant) hashtags

Hashtags are extremely important on Instagram as they increase your chances of getting more interaction and engagement. If you post the Hashtag #graphicdesign, then anyone who searches for that hashtag will find your photo along with other photos with the same hashtag. Hashtags increase your chances of exposure and photos with 11+ hashtags are proven to get the most interaction. Do some research to find which hashtags are most relevant to your photo and business then post up to 30 hashtags in a comment below the caption.


  • 2. Posting photos that are pixelated or unclear

It’s important to look as professional as possible if you’re a business on Instagram – and if you want any chance of converting your followers into customers. The higher the quality of photos, the more professional you will look. Blurry photos appear lazy and it looks like you haven’t taken the time to correct the resolution. For Instagram, your photos should be 1280px by 1280px.


  • 3. Posting at times where your followers aren’t active

It makes sense to post at times when your followers are on Instagram – to ensure you get a high amount of engagement and interaction. If you aren’t sure when your users are most active, try posting at different times throughout the day/week and see which posts are most successful. You can use Iconosqaure to view your statistics which will show you which posts performed well and what the best times to post are.


  • 4. Failing to engage with your followers

Instagram is a social network – so it’s important to be social! Commenting back to your followers will promote brand loyalty and you’ll find your Instagram followers come back regularly to see what you’ve posted. The comments that your followers post will reveal what they actually think about your brand, so it can also double up as a customer experience exercise. Engaging with other brands and pages that interest you will also encourage potential followers to check out your page! The result? More followers (and hopefully converting customers!)


  • 5. Not using Instagram stories

Instagram stories allow you to post multiple photos and videos throughout the day and have a higher chance of reaching more people and getting more engagement. You can show your audience a behind the scenes view of what is happening in your office or work place, or things you’re working on but not yet ready to post as a photo. Businesses who post Instagram stories also find that more followers direct message them/interact with them after posting.


  • 6. Lacking consistency

Instagram is a platform to show your followers what your brand is all about. As a result, they will form an impression of you based on what they see in your posts. Step back and look at the content you are posting and compare it with your brand’s image – is the content you’re posting in line with the image you want to portray? Consistency is also about the amount you post per week – it’s important to remain in your followers feeds by posting once a day at a time where your followers are most active. If you post once a month, chances are your followers will forget about you or unfollow you.


  • 7. Irrelevant posting

Post content that your audience wants to see! If you’re a Graphic Design business, then chances are your followers want to see your graphic design work, or work that inspires you, or that you think will inspire them. Even though you LOVE your pet budgies – if your audience is on your page to see your design work – they may not interact or engage with a photo of your budgies.


  • 8. Not having a visual strategy

This is the overall feel to your Instagram page. When someone clicks on your page – it is important that your page has a theme, a particular type of imagery, colours, content or overall feeling. It’s important to keep your brand’s business goals in mind with this too. Your Instagram grid is the first thing people see when they look at your page, so you want your grid to appear balanced with colours, content and filters.


  • 10. Not using Geotags for an engagement boost

This feature tells your audience where you are posting from! And anyone who searches that Geo-Location Tag will see that you are in the area. Tagging your location will also ensure your photo stays on that location tag when anyone searches for it. According to a study by Simply Measured, posts with a location receive 79% higher engagement then posts without.


  • 11. Leaving out your website link in bio

If you don’t include a website link in the bio section, then you won’t be driving traffic to your website and converting your followers into customers! Some followers will click on your profile and then go straight to your website. If your Instagram profile is on ‘Business Profile’ you will also be able to click on the insights and track how many times people are clicking on your website link through your Instagram.

Photo credit: Instagram layout examples: @juniperoats & @thedairy


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