We catch up with Stackwood Plant specialist Claire Greenhill!

Picture by Bo Wong
Brett NovakSeptember 25, 2018
We catch up with Stackwood Plant specialist Claire Greenhill!

We hear what her favourite indoor plants are and how she got into working at Stackwood!

How did you get into working at Stackwood?

“Well I’m actually a jewelry maker as well, that’s what I was doing before I had my kids!
Sarah (Owner of Stackwood) used to own a shop called ‘Willow and the Bowerbird’ and I used to stock her with my jewelry. Sarah knew that I was studying Landscape Architecture so when she opened up the space she asked if I was interested in doing a bit of work for her, here.

As Stackwood grew I started doing plant consults – so I go out to peoples houses and spaces and speak to them about what plants would work best.

I found that I’m getting a lot of work here and really loving it. I just don’t have as much time to do my jewelry work anymore.”

What else do you do at Stackwood besides the plant consults?

“I try and help out wherever I can! But its probably only been the last 6 months that I have started helping out with the plant buying.

Which I love! I am excited about being involved in anything plant related.

At the moment I’m doing a consult a fortnight but I’d like to do more – I feel like it combines all of my passions – design and my love of plants, and I really like domestic settings so gardens and homes are my jam!

We are also hoping to do some plant maintenance for people and restaurants and cafes – we want to help those commercial spaces and businesses keep their plants looking great.

I really love going out to buy plants, I have rural dreams!
I love getting in the Stackwood van and going out to all of the nurseries, it allows me to feel like a farmer! “

Do all the plants grow quite well in here at Stackwood?

“Yes with all the love and attention we give them they do! We have a well managed care routine for our plants with watering, Seasol treatments and fertilising at appropriate times for each season. In winter we have to think a little more and be a bit more strategic about where we put the plants, so we try and have plants that need brighter light near the door and we put all the succulents that need more light outside every day. In summer more frequent watering and misting is necessary. If there’s a plant not doing so well where it is we try to shuffle them around.” 

Have you found plants are getting more popular?

“They were really popular in the 70s/80s then I think the late 80s/90s came in and everything got really slick and chrome and everything was really minimalist and people got rid of all their indoor plants..
I think now people are more interested in indoor plants because they are beautiful, improve indoor air quality and with smaller block sizes and gardens people want to bring nature into their homes.

My Sister-in-law is from Boston and says that plants have always been fashionable in the US. I wonder if its because of the climate in Australia we get to be outside, whereas if you live in a place where its cold so much of the year and you can only be outside for 10 minutes so having green in your house is really important – otherwise you’d probably feel really disconnected from nature.”

In your opinion what are the 5 best plants to grow indoor?

“It is so hard to only pick 5, I have so many favourites but the following are adaptable and beautiful plants.


Monstera deliciosa

Ficus elastica



When people buy a plant from us we try to give them a really big bank of information so they can go away with the knowledge to look after them.”

Grab your indoor plants from Stackwood Tuesday-Sunday at 10 Stack Street, Fremantle.

Picture by Bo Wong

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