We managed the branding, digital strategy and implementation of Woodside's Karratha campaign, aimed at connecting the business with Karratha locals.

More jobs for Karratha Locals? Now you’re talking! We came up with a complete creative brand and marketing strategy to roll out Woodside’s latest campaign, aimed at creating a conversation in the City of Karratha.

Woodside launched an online job portal for Karratha locals – and they needed Freeform’s help to make sure the right people actually engaged with it. We knew that we had to come up with a campaign that would position Woodside as an integral part of the community – instead of a corporate outsider. We had to be genuine. We had to lead with empathy. We needed to put ourselves in the shoes of a local to truly understand.

The concept? “Open conversations, unlimited possibilities”.

Armed with our creative, Freeform ran an eight week awareness campaign with a combination of paid and organic content, rolling out across social channels, a variety of print media, and local radio adverts.

The goal was to build a real presence in the heart of the community, so we needed to ensure Woodside were being seen and heard in all the right places. We worked together to set up local events – sausage sizzles and shopping centre kiosks – to make sure the right story was being told both online and on the ground.

We conducted weekly catch ups with Woodside to share the ongoing insights we were gaining from the campaign. Constant monitoring of our results ensured we could evolve our content strategy while remaining aligned with our objective throughout. The data we captured via post engagements, audience growth, and the sheer volume of job applications affirmed our message was being heard.

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