Long Chim

We extended Long Chim's brand online and maintained a marketing and systems birds-eye vision for the group

One of the world’s best chefs of Thai cuisine will bring the street food of Thailand to cultural hearts across Australia with the opening of his newest restaurant, Long Chim Perth.

Try this, look here, what’s that – these words are the soundtrack of the Thai street, and Long Chim’s fast-and-hot service style of small and grabbable, steaming, clattering plates creates a kind of music that leads you to laugh a little louder, stay a little longer and try something new every time.

Long Chim means ‘come and taste’ in Thai and chef David Thompson invites everyone to sample the cuisine that seduced him on his first visit to Thailand in 1986.

Working with each venue, whether it be in Sydney, Singapore, Melbourne or Perth, we extended the brand online and maintain a marketing and systems birds-eye vision for the group to ensure they can keep conjuring up their delectable dishes!

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