Kingdom Home

Kingdom Home specialises in engagement through great design, just like us! We wanted to produce a website that inspired their users from the outset.

Surface design studio, Kingdom Home, needed an updated website to showcase their stunning wallpapers and fabrics. Kingdom’s custom designs have the ability to transform a room or workspace with their engaging patterns and prints, so we wanted to produce a website for them that was just as eye-catching.

We knew that product imagery would play a big part in the design, but we wanted to strike a balance between showcasing content and creating an effective user journey for customers to browse products with ease. The result is a refined product page and image gallery, placing equal importance on product enquiries and product images.

From a technical perspective, the existing site required a lot of attention, with a mish-mash of plugins and a poorly coded template that made content updates very tricky for our client. It was our task to streamline the new build and make it as easy as possible for Kingdom Home to add new content, so we built the new version from the ground up to make it as lightweight as possible. Now, adding new products and content is a breeze.

The updated website has a fresh feel with soft, muted tones and simple line-work, allowing the surface designs to take centre stage. The result is a reflection of Kingdom Home’s philosophy: engagement through great design.

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