Ice cream sandwiches and Taco Stands! We catch up with Piggy Food Co's Andrea Young

Brett NovakJuly 31, 2018

If a Mexican Señorita with a superb pallet for craft beer walked into a bar in Southern California and fell in love with a man from Louisiana who happened to have a family recipe for slow cooked meats and BBQ sauce, they might one day have a baby and call it Piggy Food Co!

We were lucky enough to pick the brains of Andrea from Piggy Food Co, about what got them started, what inspires them and what’s to come!

So how did it all start and when did you open?

“We started out as a pop up in 2014 – just down the road out of a local cafe that was shut at night. We outgrew the pop-up pretty quickly, and got our hands on our permanent home in 2016!”

What is the idea behind Piggy Food Co?

“I’m a California native, and Max is a Freo boy. We share a love for two things: good beer and delicious food. When I first moved to Perth, tacos, hot wings and craft beer bars were in scarce supply! Max and I had taco nights where we hand pressed our own tortillas and made mini taco stands at home while drinking delicious beer, and we thought, why not? He is the brains behind the menu, and his passion had always been to open a place of his own. While traveling through the US he was inspired by both Mexican and American BBQ cuisines- We put our loves together, and there you go!”

How did you come up with the name?

“We like to think of ourselves as a swine-dining restaurant, and Piggy Food Co just seemed to fit the bill.”

How did you get started?

“With money from a tax return, and a hell of a lot of hard work! Starting out as a pop-up really gave us the opportunity to test the waters and get going before jumping in to a full time venue.”

What is the most popular item on the menu?

“Ice cream sandwiches are probably our most well known item. Fish tacos are the most popular- Hog Fries are a close second. All of our meats are free range, our seafood is locally caught and processed, and our sauces (along with almost everything else) are made in house. The chipotle sauce, for example, is smoked for hours before being mixed with homemade, preservative free mayo to go with the fish taco. Tortillas are hand pressed in house (we make around 1000 a week), which we thinks makes a big difference!”

What has worked best for you in terms of marketing?

“Word of mouth and visual marketing. Things like Instagram are a great way for people to see what we’ve got on offer, and decide if it’s what they’re looking for.”

What are your plans for the future with the business?

“Settle in and keep it fresh! We love our North Freo home, and are here to stay. We want to keep the beers fresh and rotating, the menu classics consistent and fun seasonal items baby rolling out.”

Who inspires you?

“We could list a bunch of famous chefs, but honestly- it’s anyone who really cares about the food they are producing, and isn’t willing to compromise on quality. Whether it be a taco stand, pizza bar, or fine dining restaurant.”

What do you love most about being in Fremantle?

“The vibrant community aspect of it. Big businesses have definitely moved in to Freo, but the culture tends to be to support local and small. We believe that a healthy small-medium sized business community is essential to creating a stable and diverse neighbourhood. We feel like Fremantle is the place to do just that!”

Piggy Food Co is located at 229A Queen Victoria Street in North Fremantle.

Their opening hours are:
Wednesday – Thursday – 5.30pm – Late

Friday – Saturday – 12pm – Late

Sunday – 12pm – 10pm




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