Who We Are

As one of Perth’s most established brand agencies, we understand exactly what’s required to build brand experiences that resonate with your audience.

We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes, from startups to non-for-profits to enterprise, helping define their message and present themselves in a clear and effective way.

Big Agencies Suck. Yeah, we said it.

They suck your time and your money. They’ve got massive overheads and all those expenses get passed directly to you. Plus you’re probably dealing with some noob who has never run their own business, yet they feel qualified to advise on yours. It just doesn’t add up.

We’re pretty different.

Maybe its the fact we couldn’t care less about what other agencies are doing, because we focus on our clients. Maybe its because we hate email so much that we have implemented a world class project management system that kinda works like Facebook, allowing both you and us to interact in an uncluttered medium. Maybe its because we still operate with passion, and we’re happy to tell you why we positioned a logo 20mm from the top of the page on your letterhead.

After all, you hire us because you need good advice, based from good skills and experience, acted upon in a timely manner.

ASAP is poison, but when your marketing service is managed – you’ll never have to worry about things coming just in time again.

Marketing and advertising is pretty broad, and so are our skills and capabilities – so you should probably give us a call if you need a hand with these exciting areas of business (they may not be to you, but sure are to us!)

So there you have it!

No nonsense, just plain speak and simple truths that you can understand and relate to. If you’re wanting bloated budgets and buzzwords from big agencies named after greek gods, there’s plenty out there. But if you want exceptional value, from a group of talented, experienced individuals who want to see you grow, then try us on for size.

We’ll tell you about the name later, but call us Freeform for short.


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The Team

Brett Novak
Creative Director
Georgie Woods
Lead Designer
Jack Kellett
Account Director
Bryce Gough
Software Architect
Amy Burns
Marketing Consultant
Sophie Fielding
Marketing Coordinator
Emily Sharland
Communications Strategist
Damien Gros

We reply to everyone right away.
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